5/13: B.E. Restaurant Night – California Tortilla

Wednesday, May 13th 2020 – B.E. Restaurant Night at California Tortilla on Wednesday May 13, 2020 (11AM – 8:30PM). Take a break from cooking and join the B.E. community with dinner from California Tortilla!

Here are the instructions on how to order online! (to make sure your order is associated with our restaurant night)

1. Go to CaliforniaTortilla.com and click on “online ordering” in the top right corner. 
2. Type in “Bethesda, MD” in the address box
3. Locate the Bethesda location on the list and click the black “Order” button. 
4. Choose your order type (pick up, delivery) and click the black “Begin Order” button. 
5. In the left-hand column with the categories find & click on “Spirit Night”
6. Click on the avocado labeled “Spirit Night” and click “Add to Cart” when promoted. This will add a $0 item to your order so they know you are supporting our restaurant night!
7. Place the rest of your order and check out! Enjoy your delicious meal!