Instead of our annual Back to School Picnic (which is difficult to safely hold!), this year the PTA is happy to share that we will be holding “B.E. GIVES BACK” on Wed., Oct. 7th!

Many Bethesda restaurants are struggling right now to make ends meet as they have dealt with closures and capped capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. On 10/7 we encourage you to patronize our local restaurants. This is NOT a fundraiser for B.E. – this is an effort to support our community and show them we care!

You can order delivery; walk or drive to pick up your food; enjoy food sitting at the Streetery; or eat at a restaurant – choose what works for your family’s comfort level. No matter what you choose, proudly wear your B.E. spiritwear or your blue & gold along with the best accessory – a mask – and practice social distancing! More details soon!