Want to get more connected? Here at B.E. we have several different list servs and subscription lists you can opt-in to for more information!

BEPTANET Google Groups Community List Serv

BEPTANET is a community list serv for B.E. families to share info and ask questions for individual classes/grades, school-wide, or extracurriculars. BEPTANET also accepts other messages, within reason. Postings that aren’t school-related should have a subject line that begins with the letters OT (for “off-topic”) so people can skip or filter them. You only need to sign up once during the duration of your time at BE.

  • To sign up, just send an email to [email protected] from the email account where you’d like to receive the mailings. Please include the name(s) of your child(ren) and your child(ren)’s teacher(s).
  • That’s it! After that you’ll get email delivered right to your computer. Once you join, simply email [email protected] to post a message to the BE community.
  • Questions? Send email to [email protected].

Special Needs List Serv

The BE Special Needs mailing list distributes information that may be of interest to BE families with special needs, with or without a 504 Plan or IEP.  The mailing list is opt-in and is managed by PTA Special Needs VP Mai Nguyen. You only need to sign up once during the duration of your time at BE.

What kind of information would you receive by joining this mailing list?

Several times a month, subscribers may receive information and resources such as:

  • free virtual events hosted by Smithsonian museums and other organizations for children with special needs
  • free workshops on special needs financial planning and the IEP process
  • information on sports and recreational programs for children with special needs, including Montgomery County Department of Recreation special needs resources
  • details on upcoming MCPS Special Education Advisory Committee meetings
  • Parenting Special Needs magazine and other online newsletters/resources for parents and families
  • BE-specific information on special needs accommodations for students with special needs at BE PTA-sponsored events
  • invitations to and details about annual BE Special Education Family Night (date TBD)

How do you sign up?

In the A to Z Connect  – More information coming soon


Contact PTA Special Needs VP Mai Nguyen at [email protected]

International Families Subscription List

International Families can now opt-in to a subscription mailing list. It is a forum for families of BE international students to receive BE PTA translated emails, to share resources and experiences and connect with other international families at our school.  Emails are translated by BE parent volunteers and language translation is dependent on volunteer capacity. You only need to sign up once during the duration of your time at BE.

  • More information on how to sign up for the subscription list in AtoZconnect coming soon.
  • Contact Camille Peretz, the PTA VP of International Liaison with any questions or to volunteer to be a parent translator!