Earn Money for BE While at Harris Teeter

If you shop at HARRIS TEETER, link your VIC card to their Together In Education program to earn money for BE! Remember that you need to re-link every year, so even if you were linked last school year, you will still need to relink your card for this school year.

Here’s how: 

   1. Get a VIC card or sign-up for one at the store’s customer service

   2. Go to https://www.harristeeter.com/together-in-education.

   3. Click on the green tab “Link your school today”.

   4. Log onto your Harris Teeter account or create one with your VIC number.

   5. Scroll down the green link “Add a School”.  Type in code 2443, for Bethesda Elementary.

Three other ways to link your card:

  1.  Visit the Customer Service desk at Harris Teeter and they can link your card or phone number to Bethesda Elementary (code 2443).
  2. Call 1-800-432-6111, press option “2” and a customer service associate can link your card with the phone number you used for the VIC card registration.
  3. Send your VIC card number or phone number and your last name to [email protected], and I can link it for you!